Client name withheld by request, Greenville, SC


“I had an extremely difficult disability case and everyone in the firm was wonderful in getting all the needed documents or making phone calls to win my case. I am beyond pleased with them; friendly, professional and helpful with all my questions trying to understand exactly what was going to happen.”

Client name withheld by request, Greenville, SC


“After getting the runaround from my employers’ Workers’ Comp and being brushed off by 2 lawyers, I called the Pilzer Law Firm in July 2012 and was introduced to Kevin Klein. He was very patient and professional answering my many questions. I also applied for Social Security Disability about this time. By November I received a very fair Workers’ Comp settlement and in mid-December I was approved for disability on the 1st try. I had the opportunity to speak with Don Pilzer after the settlements and found him to be extremely professional, caring, and polite, too! I highly recommend the Pilzer Law Firm for anyone with Social Security Disability or Workers’ Compensation needs. Don’t wait until you see things aren’t working out! The sooner you seek their advice, the quicker you’ll be on your way to relief. I had to wait a couple of weeks for my 1st appointment, but it was worth it.”

Client name withheld by request, Greenville, SC


“My own original attempt at qualifying for Social Security Disability was turned down. I quickly went to the Don Pilzer Law Firm to handle my appeal. My case was delegated to one of his associates, Mr. Kevin P. Klein. With his professional efforts, expertise, and determination, along with his case manager Ms. Patti Harris and her tireless and diligent work, I ultimately received a favorable ruling. My particular disability involved a mental disorder which required an enormous amount of patience on both the part of Mr. Klein and Ms. Patti Harris. I owe my successful outcome to them in achieving this goal. To highly recommend the Don Pilzer Law Firm would be an understatement. Please do what I did. Simply call them. Again, thank you, Mr. Klein and thank you, Miss Patti.”

Elizabeth Barrett, Greenville, SC


“I appreciated the Don Pilzer Law Firm very much. Kevin Klein was my Attorney. He was very professional, compassionate, intelligent and competent. His advice and explanation of what I could expect was understandable and excellent. My concerns and questions were addressed in a considerate and straightforward manner. Phone calls were answered promptly. I would recommend the Don Pilzer Law Firm to anyone applying for disability. I had been turned down twice without an attorney and I was appreciative that Attorney Kevin Klein took my case and handled it so well. Attorney Kevin Klein did the great work one would expect from an attorney. I have heard people tell of having to do the majority of the work on their own for the most part even with the attorney being hired. This was not the case with this firm. Thank you, Attorney Kevin Klein for taking my case. Thank you to Ellie also who was a great help.”

Thomas Gibson, Greenville, SC


“I really appreciated everything Don Pilzer has done for me. He went the extra mile in all ways to get my Social Security Disability started in less than 2 months. Thank you.”

Mike Barton, Greenville, SC


“I’m very pleased with the service and expertise from the Don Pilzer Law Firm. I would strongly recommend DPLF to anyone seeking help with the Social Security Disability Department. I filled out the necessary documentation and they took it from there. I was kept up to date and followed their recommendations on all steps. I’m glad they were there for me and if you need this type of service, I strongly recommend the Don Pilzer Law Firm.”

Toni Daft, Greenville, SC


“I would like to say thank you to Kevin Klein and Patti Harris for the way in which they handled my disability case. I had already been turned down twice and was very stressed knowing that I physically could not work. They had great lines of communication, with Patti just an email away. Answers came quickly to questions and I felt confident that we would win. They actually prepped me via phone and personal consultation. Again, thank you to Kevin and Patti. “

T. Wyant, Greenville, SC


“I had been denied 2 or 3 times for SSI and thankfully Kevin Klein, Don Pilzer’s partner, was successful in getting my benefits. He was always available and answered any emails or calls very quickly. They are very professional. I would definitely use this firm again and highly recommend them to anyone who needs help in receiving their disability benefits.”

Juanita Kodish, Greenville, SC


“Absolutely Great Attorneys At Law – I had just about given up on getting any help and I finally got my benefits. Thank you all. Now I can live and not think and worry about all my bills not being paid and I don’t have to think about dying every day. Again I really want to tell everyone that this SSDI Attorney Firm is one of the very best, in fact the best, I have ever had. You all talked to me and treated me with respect and dignity. I especially want to thank Kevin Klein and Carol Morgan (his Assistant and my Caseworker).”

Suzy Hart, Greenville, SC


“Don Pilzer is a compassionate and intelligent man. I sought him out because of his charitable work with the homeless. We won our disability claim for a mentally ill relative this spring, and we are so grateful. We had been turned down several times.”

Alva Irish, Greenville, SC


“My entire family were District Judges and District attorneys and regular attorneys in Texas. I know a fantastic Lawyer when I see one and Mr. Don Pilzer IS one. My son was very ill with a rare condition, and Mr. Pilzer helped him get his disability with ease. Don Pilzer is a very thorough, concerned, and kind person who knows exactly what he is doing and does it. That is all I have to say. Use Don Pilzer for your attorney!”

Venita Harrison, Greenville, SC


“I was very pleased with Don Pilzer – he was so good I didn’t even have to go to court, and Carol was great. Any question I had they answered and they would send me copies of everything they would get from SS. I would recommend him to friends and family members. Thank you, Don and staff. I don’t have to worry anymore, and if I need anything else, I will come to you.”

Karen K., Greenville, SC


“I was very satisfied with my experience with Don Pilzer’s law firm. Barbara Lam was my attorney and I was very impressed with her. I was also impressed with her paralegal, Patti Harris. Both were very nice to me and always showed concern for me and my issues. I was turned down by Social Security for my disability. I contacted Don Pilzer’s law firm and was assigned to Barbara Lam because of the county I lived in. In less than 1 year from my original filing for disability, they were successful in getting my disability approved. Anyone seeking disability should call Don Pilzer! Wonderful attorneys and caring human beings! I will definitely refer anyone I know to Don Pilzer!”

Client name withheld by request, Greenville, SC


“I had been turned down twice already. I was told I no longer needed to worry about my case because that is why I hired Mr. Pilzer. Unfortunately I am a “worrier” anyway, and Ellie was very responsive to my questions and worries. Their office location is a good one and parking is not a problem. All in all I’d choose Mr. Pilzer again if I had it to do over.”

Client name withheld by request, Greenville, SC


“I had been denied Social Security Disability twice, but thanks to Don Pilzer’s Law Firm, I have been approved. My disability claim was much needed due to heart problems. Thank God For Him!!! I highly recommend The Pilzer Law Firm for all your needs. Thank you, Don Pilzer and Laura. “

Greg Crawford, Greenville, SC


“I won my disability claim after being denied 3 times with the expert help of Kevin Klein and his assistant Angela. They were always nice and patient when I had questions. On a scale of 1-10 I would give them an 11. I will refer anyone I know to Mr. Pilzer and his staff for legal advice.”

Client name withheld by request, Greenville, SC


“Don Pilzer is an attorney that cares. He listened to my issues and worked hard to get me benefits. Without his help, I am not sure what I would have done. I really liked that his staff kept me up to date on the progress of my case. Although it took a while to get benefits, I always knew where my case was. Don and his staff did the best they could, given the way SS works. “